Writing Certificate of Completion

This page is especially for Salt Lake Community College’s Writing Certificate of Completion program. I am very excited to be among the first group of students who decided to get involved in this program. So far, the faculty and staff of the college have done nothing but help me succeed in every aspect of this program. The support I receive from my adviser Andrea Malouf, and other English department faculty, is invaluable; if I ever have a question or get stuck on something, an answer has always been near.

I have completed most of the writing-based curriculum for this program and can say that I have tremendously improved over the past year of study. In particular, I greatly enjoyed English 2500 – Grammar & Stylistics because, as our great professor said, every writer needs a thoroughly developed took-kit, which this class solidly constructed. The fundamental and old school rhetorical ideas this class goes into and beyond make it a necessity for any prospective English major and/or writer.

Unfortunately, classes with asterisks do not have any type of associated assignments.

General Education

English 1010 – Introduction to Writing
English 1030 – Writing in the Professions
Math 1030 – Quantitative Reasoning *

Core Requirements

English 1800 – Digital Media Essentials *
English 1810 – Writing Center Studies
English 1900 – Special Studies *
English 2010 – Intermediate Writing
English 2100 – Technical Writing
English 2500 – Grammar & Stylistics


English 254 – Survey of American Literature
Writing 241 – Introduction to Imaginative Writing: Fiction
English 1200 – Introduction to Linguistics



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