General Education

Here on the General Education page, you’ll find the list of classes I’ve taken during college. I have attended both Salt Lake Community College (Salt Lake City, UT) and Lane Community College (Eugene, OR), so I have combined my classes into this list. Since the ePortfolio and it’s related reflective writing assignments were introduced after I had completed most of these classes, I will do my best to reverse engineer reflective writing samples from some of the more important classes I’ve had. Be sure to look at the latest classes and assignments I’ve completed on the Writing Certificate page.

Unfortunately, classes with asterisks do not have any type of associated assignments.


Writing 121 – Exposition & Introduction to Argument
Writing 122 – Style & Argument

American Institutions

Economics 1740 – Economic History of the United States

Life-long Wellness

Physical Education 187P – Salsa Dancing *

Computer Literacy

Computer Information Systems 140B – Operating Environment: Macintosh

Biological Sciences

Biology 1110 – Introduction to Human Anatomy and Physiology *

Fine Arts

Journalism 134 – Photojournalism


English 254 – Survey of American Literature
Writing 241 – Introduction to Imaginative Writing: Fiction

Physical Sciences

Chemistry 1010 – Introduction to Chemistry *

Social Sciences

Sociology 1010 – Introduction to Sociology
Communications 1010 – Elements of Effective Communication


Learning Enhancement 1310 – Mind, Machine, Consciousness


Music 205 – Introduction to Jazz History

Quantitative Literacy

Math 1030 – Quantitative Reasoning *



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