Welcome to Artwonk, a collection of my various artwork. Most of these images were created when I was roughly 13-17 on Photoshop 5. I have always had a love for abstract-type art because I seem to find it more beautiful and visually appealing. I enjoy throwing things together on a page and seeing what I can make out of it anyway. The experience I gained with Photoshop while creating these is invaluable as it now allows me to quickly accomplish assignments that require some sort of digital image editing. On top of this self-experience, I have taken multiple classes that taught different aspects of using the program, greatly reinforcing what I’ve learned overall. I’m very happy to still have these around and share them here after all these years; hopefully they inspire you to feel something as they did for me.


Most recent, and a favorite.

Simple photoshop filter effects.

Created from a picture of my lunch.

No joke.

Another one of my favorites. Edges resemble real images.

Very first PS project. Tutorial based.

Wallpaper for sister's digital birthday card.

More fun filters.


Originally a picture of a face. Friday the 13th, anyone?

Monsters can be deceptive.

Requested by Mandy.

I enjoy this one's simplicity.

Abstract Backdrop 1

Abstract Backdrop 2

Abstract Backdrop 3

Abstract Backdrop 4

Huge favorite. Among the seen: Vader's Helm, 3 women, Soul on Fire, Pitchfork?...

Mixture of brushes and filters.

Dealing with polarities.

Photo from a friend, altered by me.

Attempt at woodworking!

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